Geo Hotel



Geo Hotel is a hotel in Grindavík village about 20 km from the Keflavik International Airport. The hotel opened on June 1st 2015. Within a 10 minute walk from the hotel you will find a supermarket, bank, outdoor thermal swimming pool, church, cafes, restaurants, gasoline stations, a busy fishing harbour and many other interesting things. A nice 18 hole golf course is also to be found in only 3 km distance from Grindavík.


Geo hotel has 36 double and family rooms, all with private facilities. The hotel design offers good and spacious social area for our guests to relax in cosy surroundings. You can find maps and all major travel info to plan your stay at the hotel reception.

The hotel is very well situated for travelers arriving on early mornings flights from USA and Canada as they get their rooms as soon as possible upon arrival at the hotel (20 min. drive from airport). For passengers arriving on late afternoon flights from Europe, a hotel check-in and a relaxing visit to the Blue Lagoon (7 min. drive) before dinner is ideal.

We offer a complimentary transfers to and from the Blue Lagoon. These transfers can be scheduled in the hotel lobby on arrival. Please note that a reservation is required for the Blue Lagoon. Therefore if you have not booked your ticket(s) already we strongly recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible in order to make sure you get a ticket for the time you want. You can book online or we could do it for you if you tell us when you want to go.